Are you feeling stuck in your career?

Are you confused about the way forward? 

Should you make a move? 

Change job? 

Or even change career?

You know there are options, but you don’t want get it wrong.

If that’s you – you’re in the right place!

You can wait for better days...
Or you can decide to design a career you love!

You’ve done well so far.

You have built a career to be proud of. At least, on paper.

But somehow, you feel like you’re missing something.

It’s a bit like you’re not in the driver seat anymore – your career is happening to you. And you’re not sure what to do about it…

Should you wait for the next promotion? More responsibilities? A new project?

Or should you call it quits and look for another role? Are you even in the right career?

The confusion is overwhelming, and you have no-one to turn to.


‘I should be grateful’, ‘I have nothing to complain about really…’, ‘I’ve got what I wanted, what’s wrong with me?’

I hear you. Because I’ve been there too. 

But you know what I’ve discovered? 

Contrary to conventional wisdom, you aren’t meant to stick it out in the mere hope that someday, you will be happy.

It’s when you become intentional about what you want and how to design it into your career that you’ll become truly successful, in a way that matters to you.

It’s down to you to do the deep work to figure out how to fall back in love with your career.

But the good news is, you’re not alone anymore…

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I wish I had the words to convey just what a positive impact Cédric has had on me. His passion for developing people is infectious, His ability to give his undivided attention is incredible and his skill in bringing out the very best in others is second to none.
Karon Hampson
Cedric coached me at a critical point in my career development. His kind, respectful but challenging approach helped me identify and understand my values and strengths as well as work through some more difficult blockers which were preventing my progress.
Amy Dimond
Cedric’s coaching transformed so many aspects of my mindset. Not only did it improve how I perceive myself overall, but it gave me space to cultivate a deep trust and confidence within as a person that is highly capable of success.
Richard Clavier

On paper, everything seemed fine...

I had a prestigious job, a good salary, and worked with a great team. But despite all of that, I felt stuck and hopeless.

For years I had played by everyone else’s rules. I worked tirelessly to fit the mold others made for me.

“You’ll be running this place someday!”

“You make it look so easy!”

“Keep this up and you’ll go far!”

But had I ever stopped to think about what I truly wanted? Was this the life I envisioned for myself?