Are you ready to radically transform the performance of your team?

What does a high-performing Leadership Team look like to you?

You’ve done well so far.

You’ve built a strong team, achieved results, but something’s off. 

Maybe goals feel mismatched, or collaboration is lacking. 

You know your team can be more – a high-performing unit aligned behind a clear purpose.

But where to start?

Chasing the next deadline or project won’t solve the root cause.

You need a strategic approach to help your leadership team unify, set a clear direction, and unlock your team’s full potential

That’s where I come in.

My mission is to guide leaders like you to design a high-performing team.

We’ll work together to build a shared vision, ignite collaboration, and empower your team to achieve remarkable things.

The result? A team that achieves remarkable things, together.

Here's how I will help you

Leadership Coaching

Get ready to boost your leadership confidence, courage and ability to navigate change and uncertainty through one-on-one coaching

Leadership Team Coaching

Let’s transform your leadership into a high-performing team aligned towards a clear and compelling vision

Training workshops

Learning like you’ve never experienced before – mixing training content and team coaching, my workshop are sure to make a difference

I wish I had the words to convey just what a positive impact Cédric has had on me. His passion for developing people is infectious, His ability to give his undivided attention is incredible and his skill in bringing out the very best in others is second to none.
Karon Hampson
Cedric coached me at a critical point in my career development. His kind, respectful but challenging approach helped me identify and understand my values and strengths as well as work through some more difficult blockers which were preventing my progress.
Amy Dimond
Cedric’s coaching transformed so many aspects of my mindset. Not only did it improve how I perceive myself overall, but it gave me space to cultivate a deep trust and confidence within as a person that is highly capable of success.
Richard Clavier

It all started with a challenge...

I’ve always been a high-achiever,  so I was thrilled to be promoted to a leadership role. 

I was a technical expert, confident in my skills, and eager to take on the challenge. 

But excitement quickly turned to frustration. 

The team I inherited was dysfunctional. Morale was low, communication was strained, and goals felt more like suggestions than roadmaps.

Equipped only with my technical expertise, I dove headfirst into fixing the problems. 

I micromanaged, pushed hard for deadlines, and relied solely on my own knowledge. 

It backfired spectacularly…