I will show you how to design a

career you love

You’ve reached a plateau. You’ve had a successful career so far, but you’ve hit a wall.

The work that once excited you now feels dull and meaningless. 

You’re unfulfilled, going through the motions day after day just waiting for the weekend.

Deep down, you know you’re capable of so much more – but you’re not sure what that looks like or how to get there.

I’ve been in your shoes. I felt stuck in my career, disengaged and knowing I needed change but unsure how to make it happen.

But I uncovered what was holding me back, got clarity on what I really wanted, and took action to create a career and life I loved.

Now I help other mid-career finance professionals do the same.

My ‘Career Design Accelerator’ program gives you a proven framework to:

  • Pinpoint what’s keeping you stuck so you can break through
  • Discover your true passions and design a career that lights you up
  • Craft a step-by-step plan to make your dreams a reality
  • Replace frustration with motivation and fulfillment

You’ll gain the clarity, courage and know-how to transition into work you find genuinely engaging and meaningful.

You’ll rediscover your joy and passion. 

You’ll reclaim your excitement about the future.

Are you ready to take control and make that change you know you need?

The Career Design Accelerator

A proven 7-point framework to career fulfilment


Define Your Current State

Get crystal clear on what exactly is making you feel stuck and unsatisfied in your current career. We’ll pinpoint the root causes, patterns, and beliefs so we fully understand your starting point.


Rewrite Your Story

Separate from the old narratives, assumptions and limiting beliefs you’ve told yourself that are keeping you stuck. We’ll “rewrite your story” in a way that empowers you and widens possibilities.


Build Your Inner Compass

Connect with your values, passions and motivators to gain crystal clarity on your own inner compass. This will help guide you towards careers and paths that are fulfilling.


Create New Possibilities​

Use creative design thinking approaches like brainstorming, mind-mapping and ideation exercises to generate a wide range of potential career directions or pivots.


Nurture Your Ideas

From the possibilities, hone in on your most compelling ideas. Flesh them out into viable options by research, analysis and reflection. Build them up boldly.


Make It Happen

Co-create a concrete, step-by-step plan to put your ideas into action by following simple but powerful experimentation techniques. This is guaranteed to shift the dial in the most sustainable way while nipping resistance to change in the bud.


Maintain Forward Motion

Change is great but it doesn’t happen overnight. We’ll build a strong system around you so that you keep momentum high, stay focused on your goals, and have support to sustain changes.

I wish I had the words to convey just what a positive impact Cédric has had on me. His passion for developing people is infectious, His ability to give his undivided attention is incredible and his skill in bringing out the very best in others is second to none.
Karon Hampson
Cedric coached me at a critical point in my career development. His kind, respectful but challenging approach helped me identify and understand my values and strengths as well as work through some more difficult blockers which were preventing my progress.
Amy Dimond
Cedric’s coaching transformed so many aspects of my mindset. Not only did it improve how I perceive myself overall, but it gave me space to cultivate a deep trust and confidence within as a person that is highly capable of success.
Richard Clavier

This is not a one-size-fits-all rigid program. 

Getting unstuck from career frustration requires a personalized approach.

In our work together, we’ll co-create and customise the framework based on your unique needs and goals.

If you’ve already got certain areas dialed in, we’ll build on those rather than repeat what you already know. If other areas need more focus, we’ll go as deep as required to unblock progress.

As your coach, I’ll adapt our sessions based on your evolving wants and needs. My priority is helping you get results by meeting you where you are now and guiding you to where you want to be.

We won’t waste time on generic, irrelevant advice. Our work together will be laser-focused on serving you.

Here's what working together looks like...

6-month programme with a minimum of 12 coaching sessions

WhatsApp and email support between sessions

Activities and exercises personalised to your own journey


USD 2,500

*approx NZD 4,000


USD 500

*approx NZD 800

Cedric is a fantastic coach!  His ability to listen and truly understand the spirit of what's being said is what makes him stand out. He guided me through a mental block and unpacked things I hadn't noticed myself. The biggest aha moment was when he helped me to reframe my problem and immediately my mind started coming up with new ideas of a way forward.
Thando Jacobs
Cedric coached me over half a year and he helped me tremendously to realize my life's purpose. Also I was able to learn to accept myself and see myself from different perspective. I highly recommend him as a coach!​
Rene Suzuki Warner
I've been working with Cedric over the past couple of months and his coaching has transformed how I feel about work. With his support I've been able to better understand what's important to me, how to tackle situations I've found difficult previously and adopt a more positive mindset.
Rebecca Hardwick

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