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Leadership & Executive Coaching

I partner with senior professionals to master critical leadership transitions and design fulfilling careers. 

Through insightful questioning and a strengths-based approach, I empower leaders to:

  • Step confidently into senior roles. We’ll uncover your natural leadership talents and develop the strategic mindset to drive impact.
  • Lead change. I’ll equip you with tools to motivate your team through organizational change and industry disruption.
  • Onboard successfully. Whether you’re joining a new company or returning from leave, I’ll help you build relationships and ramp up quickly.
  • Chart your ideal career path. If you’re at a crossroads, we’ll design a plan to leverage your strengths in service of what you value most.
  • Thrive despite uncertainty. Whether navigating redundancy or other turbulence, I’ll help you rediscover your purpose and land on your feet.

I follow an “inside out” methodology which aims at building self-awareness first, working on thoughts, patterns, beliefs, values, ideas, strengths, and blindspots, in order to create a meaningful and sustainable impact on teams, culture, stakeholders, systems, strategy, innovation and vision.

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Workshop Facilitation & Speaking Engagements

In addition to 1-on-1 coaching, I facilitate inspirational workshops and offsites to help teams align, connect, and thrive together.

My interactive sessions are customized to your needs and may include:

  • Leading Through Change. Equip managers to guide their teams through uncertainty and transition with agility.
  • Authentic Leadership. Cultivate self-awareness and vulnerability so leaders can show up as their best selves.
  • Managing Overwhelm. Provide tools to balance priorities, focus energy, and build resilience.
  • Discovering Shared Purpose. Uncover your team’s core values and transform culture and engagement.
  • Establishing Boundaries. Help individuals set healthy limits so they can sustain peak performance.
  • Moving Beyond Comfort Zones. Motivate team members to embrace growth opportunities and innovation.
  • Transforming Team Dynamics. Surface and address underlying friction so your team can collaborate seamlessly.

My interactive sessions leverage years of coaching and senior leadership experience to foster purpose, connection, and resiliency. 

Let’s explore how I can support your leadership team’s development.

For more details, email me or click here to book directly into my schedule and let’s talk.